Consistent service quality and customer focus

Labco Nous organizes its processes around customer needs, taking special care of the critical aspects of our services, subject to a constant process of evolution and improvement.

Our goal is to overcome physical barriers to integrate our service offering efficiently and harmoniously in the operations of our clients, thus becoming an extension of their laboratories.

Day-to-day personalized care

  • 24/7 support, with local and international connections with our laboratory
  • Expert support through our dedicated support teams
  • Multi-channel, multi-language and multi-time zone support

Knowledge Management

  • Interpretation of results
  • Result discrepancies
  • Suggested profiles based on the pathology of requests
  • Test request or result associated with a particular clinical situation
  • Clinical guidance
  • Scientific guidance
  • Genetic guidance for practitioners

Technical Updates

  • Continuous training for client laboratory staff
  • Partnership agreements

Management and Development

  • Custom solutions for specific problems
  • Participation in research and development, scientific and logistical support.

Technology Transfer

  • Information related to the choice of equipment and reagents associated with any new technique.
  • Transfer of equipment and SOPs if they are in common or in partnership for their development otherwise.
  • Theoretical and practical training in our own or client facilities for the roll-out of new processes and technologies.
  • Costs and resource references

Our relationship with our client laboratories converts us into an extension of their own organizations by integrating our service into their activity seamlessly and with no disruption, with our actions and interactions aligned to their laboratory requirements.


Relevant new tests:

  • Prenatal screening – 1st trimester – test code
  • Antibodies anti HPV
  • Pro Psa
  • Non Invasive Prenatal Test (Harmony Test)
  • BRCA 1 & 2 Sequencing +MLPA
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