Areas of Expertise

Through their technical and knowledge units, Labco Nous offers a full range of clinical and specialized analyses with a portfolio of more than 4,500 tests, from the most basic to the most complex genetic studies, covering any diagnostic need.

Our client laboratories can consult our online catalog by:

  • Laboratory Specialty and Subspecialty
  • Clinical Specialty
  • Sample Type

If a client cannot find the lab test needed for a patient in our catalog, we are committed to providing a solution without sidestepping our responsibility for giving service.

This combination of a team committed to operational excellence and rigorous diagnosis, together with continuous technical advancement, allows us to offer our client laboratories test results of high diagnostic value for patient treatment. Among these are tests for:

- Allergy
- Pathology
- Autoimmunity
- Biochemistry
- Cytology
- Cytogenetics
- Coagulation
- Drug Abuse
- Endocrinology
- Pharmacokinetics
- Oncology
- Toxicology
- Virology
Molecular Genetics:
- Prenatal Diagnosis
- Hereditary Disease
- Oncology
- Paternity and Forensic Paternity
- Infectious Pathologies
Molecular Pathology:
- Hematology / Oncohematology
- Cellular Immunology Histocompatibility
- Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
- Parasitology
- Reproduction
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