Tests of High Value

Analysis of food intolerances
Prenatal Molecular Karyotyping
Nutritional Assessment of the Brain
Assessment of mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes
Genetic assessment of predisposition to cardiovascular disease
Clinical-genetic assessment of real cardiovascular risk
Biochemical assessment of cardiovascular risk
DAO enzyme activity analysis
Nutritional assessment of skin aging
Assessment of hepatic detoxification
Fatty acid profile of erythrocytes
Test to determine Fetal Sex in maternal blood
DNA test to determine the barcode
Genetic assessment of predisposition to pseudoexfoliation glaucoma
Advanced method for the early detection of cervical cancer
Simultaneous assessment of 112 allergenic proteins
Assessment of the immune system
Genetic assessment of predisposition to age-related macular degeneration
Analysis for allergy to metals
Estrogen metabolism assessment
Analysis DAO enzyme activity
Analysis of mineral elements in hair
The new generation of non-invasive prenatal screening
Genetic assessment of the effects of food on our health
Nutritional and oxidative stress assessment
Genetic assessment of predisposition to obesity and other related diseases
Nutritional parameter of cardiovascular and brain health
Genetic assessment of predisposition to osteoporosis
Analytical profiles of oxidative stress
DNA test to determine biological paternity
Prostate cancer detection
Assessment of intestinal permeability
Screening for preeclampsia during the first trimester of pregnancy
Genetic assessment of sports performance
Genetic assessment of advanced sports performance
Biological age evaluation
Early detection of colon cancer in the blood
Genetic assessment of predisposition to the thromboembolic disease
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